By Henry A. Fischer

The first Hessian settlers arrived in Györköny in 1721. Around 1730 more settlers came in as per the conscription records. By 1741 the number of families quadrupled. There were now 65 families. 

The first Hessen colonizers in Györköny in the early 1720's were -according to the research made by Schmidt János - the following: 

Blöser (Bleser, Pleser, Platzer), Konrad from Egelsbach;

Böss, Heinrich Albert from Groß-Gerau; 

Dieter, Maria Elisabeth from Alsfeld;

Hirsch, Johann Christoph from Groß-Gerau; 

Hirsch, Konrad from Groß-Gerau; 

Koch, Johann from Egelsbach; 

Kuhlmann (Kollmann) and

Martin Johann from Groß-Gerau;

Remler, Georg from Wixhausen;

Schlapp, Susanna from Egelsbach; 

Schmidt, Adam from Langen;

Schmidt, Johann from Appenrod; 

Schmidt, Johann Nikolaus from Appenrod; 

Walter, Johann from Daubringen. 

Later on more Hessen people arrived in Györköny, many of them  from nearby localities (Varsád, Kistormás, Izmény), which were already settled by Hessians.

The following German names appear in Györköny:

Bauer; Bock; Böhm; Brunn;


Hahn; Hoffmann; Huber;

Klein; Köhler; Kohmer (Kómer); Kraemer; Krauss;