The Danube Swabian Areas

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Urbarium of 1767
"Maria Thresa Census"
First Hungarian Census
From Toleration to Expulsion by Henry A. Fischer
A 2 volume set
About Danube Swabians
Second Edition printing by Marko Cvejic
Center for the Volga German Studies
at Concordia University
Orderly and Humane
The Expulsion of the Germans after the Second World War
A short history of the Danube Swabian Areas Der groß Schwabenzug Roman
Lutheranism and the Danube Swabians German Minority in Romania 1919-1933

D-S Counties Ofner Bergland Swabian Turkey Slavoania-Syrmien-Bosnia Batschka Banat Szatmár Crisana-Máramaros
Detailed County Maps

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